Will & Estate Cases Update – December 2018 (NSW)

By Ari Katsoulas, Barrister
(02) 8915 2006 | akatsoulas@wentworthchambers.com.au

  • Re Estate Di Meglio; Di Meglio v Carle [2018] NSWSC 1690 (Lindsay J) – Family Provision Claim by Adult Child – Incapable Plaintiff subject to Management Orders and Beneficiary of significant Compensation Award [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Maynard v Maynard [2018] NSWSC 1961 (Robb J) – Family Provision Claim by Adult Daughter – Unsuccessful [Jade] [Caselaw]

  • Rogers v Rogers [2018] NSWSC 1982 (Hallen J) – Family Provision claim by Adult Son – Unsuccessful – Estrangement – Competing Claim by Beneficiaries. [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • McFee v Reilly [2018] NSWCA 322 (McColl JA at [1]; Leeming JA at [2]; Payne JA at [189]) –  Rectification of Will in Court below Affirmed. [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Re Estate Miruzzi, deceased [2018] NSWSC 1899 (Lindsay J) – Probate – Competing Claim between Formal Will and Informal Will – [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Harris v Harris [2018] NSWCA 334 (Basten JA at [1]; Macfarlan JA at [22]; Simpson AJA at [30]) – Appeal – Unsuccessful Family Provision Claim by Adult Son – Appeal Dismissed. [Jade] [Caselaw]


Ari Katsoulas is a barrister in Sydney specialising in Will & Estate litigation. He accepts briefs to advise in all areas of estate litigation, as well as appear at mediations and hearings.
(02) 8915 2006 | akatsoulas@wentworthchambers.com.au

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  1. Thank you Ari for your December update. It has been of immense assistance. Looking forward to sending you a brief.

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