Will & Estate Decisions in New South Wales – January – March 2019

By Ari Katsoulas, Barrister
(02) 8915 2006 | akatsoulas@wentworthchambers.com.au


  • Meissner v Lindsay [2019] NSWSC 82 (Pembroke J) – Unsuccessful Family Provision Claim by former spouse of the deceased – prior Family Law settlement (divorce) [C] [J]
  • Russell v Attorney General of New South Wales [2019] NSWSC 98 (Robb J) – Charitable gifts and trusts – Cy-pres scheme in relation to the failure of object – deceased estate [Caselaw]
  • Maynard v Maynard (No 2) [2019] NSWSC 104 (Robb J) – Application for Special Costs Order [C] [J]
  • Tuitupou v Davies [2019] NSWSC 160 (Ward CJ in Eq) – Costs Arising from Settled Family Provision Claim [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Application of NSW Trustee & Guardian; Estate of Meyerfeld [2019] NSWSC 156 (Parker J) – Next of Kin Inquiry – ‘Benjamin Orders’ [Jade] [Caselaw]

MARCH 2019

  • Galea v Camilleri [2019] NSWSC 167 (Robb J) – Cost Consequences – Discontinued Probate Suit. [Jade]
  • Angius v Salier & Ors [2019] NSWSC 184 (Henry J) -[Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Neal v Neal [2018] NSWSC 1669 (Slattery J) – Successful Family Provision Claim by Adult Child of the Deceased – estrangement prior to death – discount on account of estrangement – a legacy of $400,000 [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Detheridge v Detheridge [2019] NSWSC 183 (Slattery J) – Successful Family Provision Claim by Adult Son of the Deceased –  [Jade]
  • Gail Patricia Stone v Michael John Stone [2019] NSWSC 233 (Hammerschlag J) – Unsuccessful Family Provision Claim by Adult Daughter – Obligation for Full and Frank Disclosure of Applicant’s Financial Position – Summons Dismissed [Jade]
  • McDonald v O’Connor [2019] NSWSC 261 (Hallen J) – Successful Family Provision claim by Adult Daughter – modest provision made – statement as to testamentary intention for lack of provision to the applicant – notional estate  [Jade]
  • Dragarski v Dunn [2019] NSWSC 300 (Pembroke J) – Next of Kin – Burial Rights – Intestacy
  • Olsen v Olsen  [2019] NSWSC 217 (Pembroke J) – Unsuccessful Family Provision Claim by adult son – small estate – proportionality of costs – duty of legal practitioners in drafting evidence. [Jade]
  • Brindley v Wade [2019] NSWSC 303 (Hallen J) – Family Provision Claim by Adult Daughter – Summary Dismissal Application is withdrawn by Consent – Costs [Jade] [Caselaw]
  • Application by NSW Trustee and Guardian; Estate of Esme Veronica Hennessy [2019] NSWSC 340 (Henry J) – Judicial Advice regarding a deceased estate [Jade] [Caselaw].

Ari Katsoulas is a barrister in Sydney specialising in Will & Estate litigation. He accepts briefs to advise in all areas of estate litigation, as well as appear at mediations and hearings.
(02) 8915 2006 | akatsoulas@wentworthchambers.com.au

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